The secret life of pictures. How do pictures think? How do they dream? Do we make pictures or do they make us?

‘Hey Picture!’ is about the secret language of pictures, how they talk to each other and what they tell us about the art of making.  Most of all, ‘Hey Picture!’ is about how pictures talk to the people who make them, the innocence and wisdom they reveal to the artists and animators, photographers and film-makers, illustrators and image-makers of all kinds.

It’s about the people whose job it is to arrange pictures and use them, from Curators to Art Directors, Designers and Editors, whose working lives depend on seeing the relationships between pictures and how images talk to each other on the page, in the exhibition, how pictures think beyond the role or function we assign them. How they create an image of thought, beyond the thinking of those who made or select them for their work.

Each week a different set of image-makers will bring to life a conversation between images that invites us into the secret life of pictures.


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